Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Quest for Peace

We’re all on a quest to find peace.

I think we all feel the world is not right. Somewhere deep inside, even when everything looks all right, we feel that something is wrong. If you don’t believe me listen to the radio. From John Mayor to U2 we are constantly hearing and connecting with songs telling us there is something more. It is only people who are disconnected from the world that seem to think all is well.

It is this sense of insecurity that drives many people.

I think that insecurity is a good word to describe this. We hate it when we are insulted. We fight to protect our image. We feel intimidated by others who may pose a threat to our position. Basically, at every level we’re insecure.

Maybe the problem is we all feel like we’re in a competition. Maybe we understand our own limitations. Or maybe it is we’re unsatisfied with the way the world is. Whatever the problem is we understand there is a problem and we act from this sense.

Thus we are all on a quest to find peace. Whether we try and find peace by making enough money, gaining power, or finding security in popularity, its really all the same.

This upward ladder climbing that is the western world is nothing more than an elaborate search for peace. The problem is that through the ways that we struggle we are only feeding the flames or our insecurity.

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