Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Lie

I think we should understand that there is a very prevalent myth out there. This myth is being communicated to us from every angle to the point we do not even realize that there is a message or an agenda there. The fact of the matter this myth is so big that once you see it for what it really is (namely a lie) you instantly view society completely differently.

This myth is that violence can be redemptive and you see this everywhere.

We see it in cartoons. Perhaps you’ve watched Popeye before. Every episode Popeye must beat up his arch nemesis in order to protect his beloved.

We see it in movies. Perhaps you’ve watched Star Wars. The Jedi must fight the Dark Lords in order to protect all that which is good.

We hear it in the patriotic themes of our country. Perhaps you’ve heard somebody talk about how it is through Military means that freedom has come to us.

We see it in our instincts. Perhaps you’ve been cut off when driving. You most likely were told by everything inside you to move to ramming speed, swerve around this foul offender, and promptly flip him the bird before bumping his car off the road. (and don’t tell me you haven’t fantasized about doing this!)

The problem is that we’ve been fed a lie. Violence is not the answer.

Think about it what happens when you bump the other driver off the road? Well you get sued. And then that would make you angry. Then your relationship with this other driver would be not one of love but of bitterness. You see violence escalates-it always progresses. It does not bring about resolution.

Well you say to me, when a bad man is killed justice has been served, as he can no longer do bad things. Well is there? What about his brothers, his friends, or his supporters? How will they feel about you as you killed him? Will this situation be resolved? I think not! If they are good friends, family, or followers they will respond back. They will fight to preserve the bad man’s honor.

This is the problem. Violence only brings more hurt and pain. It does not bring healing. It does not bring resolution. Thus when we see in movies, cartoons, and patriotism the theme that violence will bring about a peaceful resolution; we must know we have been lied to.

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