Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Questions to think about?

  • If I shoot your brother what will you want to do back to me?
  • Does the execution of a murder really help the family of the victim heal?
  • When I get angry and attack a person who has offended me will I feel closure?
  • If I take attack a person in revenge, how can I not expect the same to come back to me?
  • If I lead a rebellion because I believe that my leaders are wrong, what grounds will I have to stop my followers from doing the same to me?
  • Do my enemies have families who will mourn their deaths?
  • What makes me so right and those who I disagree with so wrong?
  • How many innocent people have died as a result of America trying to apprehend the masterminds behind 9-11? Are their lives less important than the 5,000 or so who died in New York?
  • If I do not forgive people when they do wrong to me, should I expect people forgive me when I wrong them?
  • Is national violence any different than personal violence?

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